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About the Shed Market


Shed builders are a steady, expanding segment of the wood products industry. The advent of portable buildings, specialized delivery equipment, and creative financing have set this industry on a path to reach more households than ever. Sheds are no longer just for tool storage but create extra space for a home office, studio, or guest room.

Shed Builder Magazine brings the reader an objective business perspective on trends, news, people, and products that affect the shed market.

Shed Builder Magazine is the only trade magazine focusing on the nationwide market for wooden sheds and backyard structures. Readers include shed manufacturers, Plain Community craftsmen, and contractors who build, sell, and deliver sheds for their livelihood.

Distributors of lumber and building products, manufacturers, suppliers, and tool and equipment dealers will find Shed Builder Magazine to be an indispensable resource when reaching this niche market.

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April/May 2024