Nail Dumping

Roelif Loveland, the president of Maze Nails, one of a handful of domestic nail and fastener manufacturers, says as much as 75 percent of the nails used in America are made in China, which has once again this year been cited by the Department of Commerce for “dumping“ nails in[Read More…]

A Style Evolution

For the HGTV-watching, Pinterest-pinning, Houzz-obsessed consumer, there’s no longer any reason the backyard shed shouldn’t be a part of the overall landscaping statement—at least that’s what an increasing number of homeowners seem to expect. Today’s sheds are being designed to add new value to homes through a style that matches[Read More…]

Is It Time to Update Your Roof System?

For many shed builders, rafters are the unquestionable way to go for a roofing system. They’re the simple solution for the quick stick-framed construction favored by many builders. And the traditional wood gussets that hold these rafters together often are a good way for shed builders to use up their[Read More…]

Toe-Nail vs. Hang It

You might say that your entire shed-building project rests on your choice of joist connections—and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong since your shed is depending on those joists to serve as a sturdy foundation. The growing number of options available for securing joists can make selecting the right one a[Read More…]

We Just Want to Keep Building Sheds

Zook talks about his goats at home. He also has a donkey, some turkeys, and a couple chickens. Then there’s his lawn to mow, a garden, a dog and a cat, and a wife, Mary (not necessarily in that order). That’s the life he enjoys—that, and being successful in the[Read More…]

The Future of the Industry

Mel Fisher got into the shed-building business in 1973 when only a couple of his Amish brothers in Lancaster County in Southeastern Pennsylvania were building the wooden storage structures. He assembled a few hundred sheds each year outside his home in Leola. In 1979, stronger demand forced Fisher to move[Read More…]

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