Builder in Tennessee, Kentucky Preparing for Growth in 2017


Esh’s Utility Buildings of Kentucky and Tennessee is looking forward to an outstanding year in 2017 in its storage building production, the company reports.

Where it sold three buildings before, it wants to sell four. Where it was decently efficient in the past, it wants to improve efficiency. And where it offered nine outdoor shed options before, it wants to offer twelve in 2017.

Esh’s says it is on a quest to expand its reach, offer more appealing options, and become more efficient.

Over the last 30 years, the storage building company based in Burkesville, Kentucky, says it has grown to what Esh’s Utility Buildings is today. Some years have been in survival, while others have been steps forward. The few years following The Great Recession of 2008, the company was in survival mode. A few years thereafter, starting in 2012 or 2013, the company started seeing steady growth each year.

However, the expansion has not yet met Esh’s goals. The company says that in 2017, it would like to expand business by about 30 percent.

Within the last year or two, Esh’s says it has cleared the path to take these new steps. A big part of this was the increase in partnerships and strengthening the leadership team. On January 1, 2016, the business shifted things around and put people in place to improve its leadership team, according to the company.

This new setup has equipped Esh’s to take the outdoor shed and prefab garage company forward and reach its goals of producing more quality portable storage buildings.

One of the notable 2017 goals is to set up a few more manufacturing facilities and storage shed sales lots, the company says. Currently it is doing some training to prepare for this new venture.

The company says it plans to open new facilities in Morrison, Tennessee, and Fountain Run, Kentucky. The Morrison storage building facility will focus on building wooden sheds, while Fountain Run will focus on vinyl buildings. Esh’s says it is excited to see how these new facilities will grow its business.

The company says it is also looking at ramping up its advertising south and east of Nashville. It plans to focus on areas like Murfreesboro, Lebanon, and beyond. With a stronger advertising presence, this growing and ambitious company says it will be able to take strides in reaching their 30 percent expansion goal.

This new push for expansion is more than higher quantities, according to Esh’s. It is also about more quality options. In the past, Esh offered the more conventional and neutral vinyl shed colors such as grey, clay, and white. However, recently it added red and blue colors to its vinyl siding options. These modern and premium colors bring more pizazz and style.

The new redwood siding color seems to be taking off quickly. Amos Esh says that after the redwood sided storage shed arrived at the lot, even before it was removed from the trailer, the storage building was sold.

To make outdoor shed purchases easier for the customer, Esh’s is working on improving its rent-to-own (RTO) process. The company says it wants RTO to be more efficient and streamlined. This will save office time and make the customer experience more pleasant.

One of the goals is to go more paperless. Rather than space consuming paper receipts they want to set things up so that they can be automatic and electronic. This also includes better automated credit card payment and direct deposit options.


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