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Builder Using Online Marketing Growth Strategy

Durrel Strite was 14 years old when he built his first storage shed.

He remembers riding along to town in the old Chevy pickup truck with his dad to buy supplies for the first shed. After his dad built the shed, Strite and his sister painted it. It was the first of many years of experience in the shed industry for Strite.

After building sheds for a few years in New Mexico, Strite’s father relocated his family to Texas in the year 2000. There weren’t many other shed builders in the area, so the Strite family once again found their place as builders for the local shed market. Strite spent the next 13 years working alongside his father in the family business.

In 2013, Strite and his new bride relocated to central Georgia. After working for a remodeling contractor for a year and a half, Strite found himself as the owner of a startup shed company in June 2015. He sold his first building, bought some tools on EBay, and delivered the building using his Toyota Tundra pickup truck and a used shed trailer.

Now DuraStor Structures employs two full time and one part-time craftsman on a 50-acre farm in the small town of Wrightsville, Georgia. The sheds are built in a 40 by 60 shop built by Strite in 2015.

From early on, Strite recognized the importance of competing in today’s fast-paced online marketplace. He started out by building his own website soon after launching the business in 2015. As time went on he recognized the need for a more comprehensive and professional approach to his online marketing strategy.

After many hours of planning, content gathering, and design work with E-Impact Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the new website was finally launched in July 2018. Key features on the website include a quote request form that allows visitors to get a free quote on any shed and an inventory page where visitors can find buildings that are currently in stock and ready for delivery.

Besides an improved website design, Strite is also investing in monthly content creation for the site, social media posting, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. He recognizes the value of a solid online marketing strategy for penetrating the local shed market.

In addition to supporting his growing family, Strite hopes that his business will be a blessing to his employees and the community. He places a high priority on taking time for his family and encourages his employees to do the same, even if it means less time at work.

He hopes to eventually expand the business and relocate off the farm. But for now, he’ll continue to build on the skills that he learned when he was 14 by running a business that delivers quality storage buildings to his customers and promotes strong families.

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