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Embracing the Shed Wife Life

Several years ago, when I first became a shed wife, I reluctantly followed. 

But now as I have become more familiar with my role, I open the door to my shed wife life with arms wide open. 

I have resigned from my former job as an assistant site supervisor/parent coordinator and teacher of 3- to 5-year-old children. I have taken on the shed industry career full time. 

I was already learning how to work with the contracts for shed dealers, but I am also now working with social media marketing for and other manufacturing companies.

My husband Kyle and I recently visited Heritage Portable Buildings in Burlington, Washington. My daughter was more than happy to be left behind at home with her grandparents; she does not enjoy traveling as we do. 

It was a lovely trip getting to spend time and share stories with Jerry Gingerich and Kyle Pfarr and their wives. 

One of the best parts about working in the shed industry is getting to know the people who work in it, visiting with their families, and sharing personal stories with one another.

While we were so close, I wanted to take a quick drive over to Whidbey Island because I had once lived there. 

My parents and I only lived on Whidbey Island for a year, while my dad was stationed at the Naval Air Base there. During that year, I attended kindergarten. I have flashes of memories from that year but hadn’t returned in 34 years—until now.

Kyle and I had no idea where we were going, no address to go from, and the only thing we had to fall back on was my 5-year-old memory, but it worked! 

Kyle pulled up Google Maps to get an ariel view of the neighborhoods surrounding the Navy base. 

He then says to me, “This might be it; it looks like what you described to me.” 

We hopped back into the car and followed the map. When we arrived, I looked around and possibly shouted “This is it!” I was so excited and overwhelmed that I had to hold back the tears.

We drove around the outer circle of apartments first and then got out of the car to walk into the inner circle where the playground sat. I sat on the antique swings, which seemed to be the original set, and some of my memories from that time came flooding back. 

I also got to see the building that was once my school and the path that I used to walk to and from school each day.

My parents have always told me about us riding the Mukilteo Ferry to and from Whidbey Island, so on our way back to CAL and Heritage Portable Buildings, Kyle and I both thought we better take the ferry back over.

Seeing the towns on the edges of the water from the ferry view and gazing at the beautiful snowcapped mountains in the distance was mesmerizing. The ferry was definitely worth taking and I’m glad we did.

This particular shed wife adventure has certainly been the most personal. I want to thank Jerry Gingerich for inviting me out to Washington. The entire trip was a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to go back to visit and explore the area further. 

Who would expect that my return to Whidbey Island 34 years later would be because of the shed industry? I certainly did not.

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