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Historic Marketing Strategy

Stateline Builders’ re-creation of the Harley-Davidson shed was historically accurate, with some modern creature comforts.

Like a lot of the readers of Shed Builder Magazine, I run a family-owned storage shed business. With all of the competition these days, I have to continually look for creative ways to set our company apart. 

I try to come up with ideas that may not always be profitable, but what I believe are successful marketing strategies to brand our name in the local community that we serve. I’m rather proud of my most recent one, and thought I would share this with the shed builder community. 

A local radio station we advertise on hosts an annual car show each year. It’s a pretty big show and always brings out a lineup of celebrities from many of the hit TV car shows. 

While most shed builders are at the home and garden show marketing their products, I’m thinking elsewhere. While home and garden shows definitely reach your target market, I realized with the last one that I was one of many shed builders there pitching our products. I wanted to get somewhere else where there was no competition. 

Everyone that plays with old cars, hot-rods, and motorcycles knows that the garage is always overflowing with spare parts and pieces you don’t dare throw away. So, it goes without saying … all car guys need sheds, and usually as many as they can legally have. 

At this year’s car show, the event coordinators told me they were going to try something new with an entire section of the show dedicated to custom bikes. They would call it “Motorcycle Alley,” and they wanted me to place my shed as the backdrop to the motorcycle alley. 

I started brainstorming on an idea, thinking to myself, “How can I complement a biker theme with a shed?” Searching the internet for ideas, I stumbled upon the history of the original Harley-Davidson shed. 

The story goes that in 1903 when Harley and the Davidson brothers needed a place to build their prototype, they used the Davidson brothers’ dad’s shed in his back yard. When customers began placing orders for Harley and the Davidsons to build a motor-bicycle for them, they continued to use Mr. Davidson’s shed. This simple backyard shed was the birthplace of an American icon. They soon moved out of the shed and into a nearby factory. 

Years later, the shed was carefully dismantled with each piece being labeled and placed into storage in the Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While Harley was under ownership of AMF in the late ’70s, an employee thought he would take it upon himself to clean up a neglected area of the shop. He unknowingly destroyed and threw away the historic shed, thinking it was just a pile of old lumber. The loss was realized after it was too late. 

There are no pictures of the shed in its original form, but one does exist just before it was taken down, but it had additions put onto it. And the picture was only of one side, so we can only speculate what it may have really looked like from all four sides. There have been a few period-correct reproductions built that can be seen at the Harley-Davidson museum. 

This story inspired me to build a modern re-creation of this historic shed. I like to say it’s a modern take on the original because we added creature comforts that most consumers today would like to have. It’s doubtful that the original had electricity, but for convenience we did add some antique-style lighting. We also installed waterproof laminate flooring for practical purposes. 

There’s a long line of details that are not historically accurate but then again, it was not intended to be a museum piece, simply an inspirational piece. We did have the siding custom milled out of cypress and included little things like reproduction rose-head and cut nails. The work bench on the inside is a 150-year-old piece of barn wood. 

The entire paint job inside and out was done by a local artist. She asked me what kind of finish I wanted. I told her to let her creativity run wild and gave her a blank canvas. I thought I might regret those words when the first thing she did was put a blow torch on the wooden trim, but as the colors and textures began to come together, I could see she had a vision. 

Everyone on our staff and at the car show was really impressed with our version of the original Harley-Davidson shed. I have a local Harley dealership that is considering using it in their showroom in exchange for marketing our brand.

We all had a lot of fun with this project. The guys in the shop enjoyed the challenge of something different, and everyone at the show was taking pictures of it, sharing it, along with our company name, on social media. With a $12,000 price tag, I don’t see a flood of orders coming in, but that’s not the point. The goal is to do something different and stand out in a crowd of shed builders.

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