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JMAG Hires Chief Brand Officer

JMAG, a rent-to-own partner based in Harrisburg, Illinois, reports that it has hired Craig Felker as its chief brand officer. 

A visionary big-picture executive leader, Felker brings a wealth of experience in building innovative team cultures that foster thriving relationships.

“We have full confidence that Craig will be a driving force in taking JMAG to the next level,” says JMAG. “His visionary leadership, coupled with his proven track record in building innovative team cultures and disruptive marketing, aligns perfectly with JMAG’s commitment to excellence. 

“We are excited to welcome Craig Felker to the JMAG family and anticipate great achievements under his guidance.” 

With a diverse background as a former Billboard charting Sony recording artist, Dove Award-nominated songwriter, national keynote speaker, and dynamic communicator, he is set to elevate JMAG to new heights, according to the company.

Felker is not your typical industry executive. With a creative flair and a knack for storytelling, he has earned a reputation as a disruptive marketer, particularly in the tiny home and portable building sector. 

His track record boasts successful and groundbreaking marketing campaigns that have transformed and enhanced multi-million-dollar brands. 

As a former chief marketing officer in the industry, Felker brings a unique perspective to JMAG, promising to infuse creativity and innovation into every aspect of the brand.

 With over 20 years of experience in marketing leadership, team building, and sales, he is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the shed-building industry, the company shares. 

Felker’s expertise extends to public relations and media relations, making him a valuable asset for JMAG’s communication strategy. As the industry evolves, his strategic approach will play a crucial role in maintaining JMAG’s position as a leader in the market.

Before joining JMAG, Felker held the position of director of client experience for Paducah Bank, where he led a team responsible for managing the entire retail and digital branch network. 

This experience has honed his skills in customer-centric approaches, a quality that will undoubtedly contribute to JMAG’s commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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