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Keystone Launches Online Trade Show for American-Made Products

keystoneIn June 2015 Keystone launched, an online trade show solely for American-made products, the company announced in a press release.

The company says that manufacturers  are provided personalized profile pages, giving them an opportunity to showcase their full catalog, and new and seasonal products like never before. They can update their profile page with new products at any time, giving buyers access to new products without having to wait for brochures to be mailed, or new catalogs to be made.

This is especially beneficial in regards to Amish manufacturers, who often times do not have websites of their own. All American Wholesalers brings American and Amish made products all to one,
organized wholesale website at no cost to buyers, with no buyer login necessary, the company says.

Since 2002, Keystone says that it has been dedicated to helping manufacturers of American-made products sell to wholesale buyers from across the country. Being from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, they also have a passion for Amish craftsmen and the beautiful products they manufacture. By giving the plain community different avenues to display their products, they hope to grow these businesses and increase their exposure to wholesale buyers.

Over the past decade having an online presence has become imperative to a company’s success in the wholesale market. Buyers want access to manufacturer catalogs and new products as quickly as possible to stay up to date with trends, and the beautiful products manufacturers have to offer their customers. By facilitating a community of outdoor, furniture, and gift/craft manufacturers,
All American Wholesalers provides an invaluable resource to wholesale buyers.

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