Lumber Market Report

Lumber supplier sources tell Shed Builder Magazine that the market had mixed reviews in the fall.
Lumber sales slowed down a bit, according to sources, but the overall pricing moved up to finish out September and October with slight increases. Pressure-treated Southern yellow pine purchases were busy and seemed to be starting out very strong in sales in November. Pressure-treated prices increased by as much as $100/m. This is a conversion of an additional cost of 80 cents on a 2 by 4-inch by 12-foot pressure-treated floor joist. The feeling in the marketplace, say sources, is this will continue to be the trend through the year. An important note to remember is, when most believe the lumber price should drop in the winter months, this may not always be the case, due to the fact that mills pay more for logs, which is caused by bad weather and log shortages at the mill. Most box stores will be issuing their purchase orders for spring deliveries and mills will be bullish and hold prices up as long as possible because they have a thick order file.
OSB is going up and had gains of $10/m or more, according to sources. With mills moving into to the winter months, the feeling is OSB will continue to stay strong until year’s end and maybe longer.
SPF lumber has still been mostly quiet, says sources. Prices on SPF had some increases, but for the most part, the mills have kept prices down so not too many buyers have complained. According to one source, you will need those savings from your spruce purchases to cover some of the price increases in other lumber needs.
Plywood prices have continued to drop, according to sources. One thing to be aware of: many mills will have less panels to sell because they had one to three weeks of downtime for major repairs and installing new equipment during the weeks surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday. This means less wood is available, and the prices will increase due to tight availability.
Finally, sources indicate that T-1-11 prices have had little to no change in pricing. The mills that manufacture T-1-11 have set production dates and continue to make these panels. This formula has allowed T-1-11 to continue to be less volatile which helps the shed builders determine the cost and selling price of a shed for extended periods.

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