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Lumber Market Report


Lumber is a vital component when it comes to shed building, so Shed Builder Magazin spoke with lumber suppliers to the shed market to find out what’s going to happen with OSB, plywood, and lumber in the next couple of months.

OSB went up in price in the past quarter, and the feeling is that now it will remain flat. If the prices go down any more, you might see curtailments at mills to keep the prices from dropping too far.

Our sources say that plywood seems to be on the same course. It’s expected to be flat the next quarter, possibly even down a little. Also, housing starts haven’t been anywhere near the levels expected, so that isn’t affecting the supply.

The fires in Western Canada may change that, however. Because of the fires, the West Coast plywood market is exporting more to Canada. Because of that, the Southern market could see prices go up.

Finally with lumber, a substantial import tax on Western Canadian lumber took effect in the United States on July 1. Sources say it’s early to see what’s going to happen, but they don’t see things going down.

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