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New Virtual Shed Shopping Experience

LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® reports it has partnered with Chameleon Power, a provider of photorealistic visualization in 2D, 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality, to create a customizable 3D virtual shed shopping experience. 

In addition to customizing the exterior aesthetic, the new LP Outdoor Building Solutions Visualizer features a Size Selector Tool to test the outdoor structure’s functionality, allows customers to take a virtual walk inside the shed, and even allows users to upload a photo of their backyard to create a custom experience.

The LP Outdoor Building Solutions Visualizer launched July 1. With the ability to select from a catalog of scenes or upload a custom backyard, the company says the tool allows for unique personalization including shed style as well as exterior siding and trim colors and textures. 

“As alternative-use sheds become more popular, customers are looking for an advanced shopping experience,” says A.J. Keating, segment marketing associate for LP Outdoor Building Solutions. 

“By partnering with Chameleon Power, we’ve produced a visualizer tool that creates a realistic shopping experience so homeowners can be confident in their purchases without even stepping foot on a physical lot—which is especially important in today’s landscape.”

The Size Selector Tool allows users to select from a list of commonly stored shed items, as well as pieces that can be used to outfit a workshop or home office, to help test its functionality no matter the purpose.

The company says the feature goes beyond that of an in-person shopping experience by allowing customers to see how the shed will fit into their lifestyle and make size, layout, and design choices accordingly to eliminate the guesswork.

“With 20 years of proven success implementing our technology throughout the home buying industry, we are eager to expand to the shed industry,” says Dan Dempsey, president and CEO of Chameleon Power. 

“As people begin to approach shopping for a shed similar to that of shopping for a home, we want our technology to be a part of optimizing that experience.”


Sheds in a 3D World, August 28, 2019

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