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Newfound Rentals Launches Employee Volunteer Program

Newfound Rentals reports it has launched its Employee Volunteer Program, an initiative designed to empower and encourage employees to actively participate in community service and make a positive impact on the local community.

The Employee Volunteer Program reflects Newfound Rentals’ commitment to social responsibility and its dedication to being a responsible and engaged corporate citizen. 

The company says the program aims to foster a culture of giving back among employees while focusing on various social and environmental challenges within the community throughout the year.

Key features of the Newfound Rentals Employee Volunteer Program include:

Diverse Volunteering Opportunities—Employees will have access to a wide range of volunteering opportunities, allowing them to choose activities that align with their interests and skills. 

Whether it’s hunger relief, animal rescue and care, holiday volunteering, or working with children and youth, there’s a meaningful way for everyone to contribute.

Paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO)—To encourage widespread participation, Newfound Rentals will provide paid Volunteer Time Off, allowing employees to dedicate a specified number of hours each year to volunteer activities without affecting their regular work schedule.

Team-Building Initiatives—The program will incorporate team-building events centered around community service, fostering collaboration among employees while making a positive impact on the community.

Partnerships with Local Organizations—Newfound Rentals will collaborate with local nonprofit organizations, charities, and community groups to identify and create meaningful volunteer opportunities. 

These partnerships will ensure that employee efforts are directed toward projects that have a lasting and meaningful impact.

Since the inception of this program in the fall of 2023, the NewFound Rentals team says it already made an impact. 

In October, the team volunteered at the Woofstock charity event, which is the Midwest’s largest charity event of its kind. The goal is to raise funds for the Kansas Humane Society, and proceeds help to provide care for nearly 16,000 animals in the community. 

The volunteers assisted with various activities such as organizing retail, registering participants for events, and ensuring the success of the event by working closely with the event coordinators. 

In December, the team adopted two families for Christmas, and volunteers went above and beyond by dedicating a Saturday to not only selecting thoughtful gifts, but also taking the time to wrap them with care and personally deliver these gifts to the families in need.

Newfound Rentals is eager to start their volunteering activities in 2024, with a focus on addressing crucial issues such as hunger relief in Quarter 1 and the well-being of children and youth in Quarter 2. 

Whether it involves partnering with local food banks to distribute meals to those in need or engaging in programs that support the educational and developmental needs of children and youth, Newfound Rentals says it is prepared to make a lasting impact. 

By channeling its resources and energy toward these vital causes, the company says it is exemplifying a socially responsible approach that goes beyond business success, showcasing a dedication to creating positive change in the lives of those who need it most.

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