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Quit Selling

I have to admit that early in my career selling sheds, I really didn’t care what my customers’ needs were. My primary objective was to make the sale.

Yes, I had some success with that skewed philosophy, but I finally realized that in order to build a long term business, I must sincerely connect with my customers and listen to what they actually want. Imagine that!

Once I began to listen to my customers’ needs, my sales began to soar. In addition to more sales, I developed better relationships with my customers that led to many referrals which led to more sales.

In order to become a better “connector,” I implemented the following:

My prospect list became “The people I am going to help get a shed” list. Once I made that small change, I quickly began to notice a difference on how I approached my customers, and more importantly, the positive response I received. As soon as I shifted my perspective, my success in sales greatly increased. I also realized that sales isn’t really about selling at all. Replace the word sell with “help.”

Get personal with your customers. I mean this in a nice way of course. The number-one quality of the most successful sales people is empathy. In order to connect with customers in their heart and soul, you have to truly discover what they really need, and you must feel what the feel. In other words, you have to really know who they are, and what they are trying to accomplish. By
getting personal, you will be able speak from the heart and genuinely connect with your customers.

Never, ever give up on a customer. Breaking news: customers don’t always buy on the first meeting. Always keep a list and follow up.
I have had customers literally buy from me a year or more later after we met. The sales statistics with this article show the importance of following up and never giving up.

I encourage you to take the time to connect with each person that walks in to your business.

  • Investigate—Don’t present.
  • Probe—Don’t push.
  • Talk Less—Listen more.

I believe our best days are still ahead in the shed industry!


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