UPDATED SHOW DATES: Shed Builder Expo 2020 Postponed

After careful consideration, organizer Shed Builder Magazine has decided to postpone its October 2020 Shed Builder Expo. The shed industry trade show has been rescheduled for September29-30, 2021, at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

This decision comes after weeks and months of analyzing and pondering different scenarios and weighing many options. The bottom line is that no one could say with any degree of certainty if Shed Builder Expo would even be allowed to take place this October as planned. 

Officials for the venue and key service providers were uncertain if or when events can and will resume. Executive orders from the governor’s office have been restrictive and arbitrary. 

Events and gatherings have been highly scrutinized in the state of Michigan. Complying with these restrictions was increasingly difficult, if not nearly impossible. There was no guarantee that changing procedures and modifying operations would satisfy government mandates. More mandates could be instituted in the near future before the October show dates, complicating operations and potentially forcing a late cancellation. 

Along with this uncertainty is the unprecedented and unpredictable boom shed builders are experiencing. Many shed businesses are reporting long backlogs of work and shed deliveries well into September and October for orders placed today. With shed builders so busy, it is less likely that many would feel able to leave their shops to travel to a trade show. 

Add to that the concern around the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, and the combined stress makes attendance much less likely for many shed builders. 

So many variables had to be considered before making this decision, and organizers tried to take every one of them into account, looking at both attendee and exhibitor perspectives. 

In the end, organizers believe that the prudent decision is to take a step back and reconvene next year. 

This has been a difficult decision that was made after thoughtful prayer and many discussions with partners throughout the shed industry. 

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Organizers share in the disappointment of not being able to host the 2020 Shed Builder Expo and look forward to an even stronger event in 2021.

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