Shed Builder Expo Heading to Richmond, Virginia

Organizer Shed Builder Magazine reports that Richmond, Virginia, has been selected as the location for Shed Builder Expo 2022, September 28-29. 

Richmond is centrally located to a large swath of companies making up the shed industry. 

“We looked at a heat map of our audience and where a concentration of the industry could access a location within a day’s drive,” says Marty Boltres, promoter of the Expo and publisher of the magazine.

“Richmond fell smack dab in the middle of 48 percent of our audience.” 

The city also boasts an international airport for those needing to travel greater distances. 

The Greater Richmond Convention Center is a first-class venue with large exhibit halls, numerous meeting rooms, and an on-site restaurant and food court. Shed Builder Expo has acquired more than 67,000 square feet of exhibit space for Expo 2022, 20 percent more space than in 2021.

“Adding more floor space is consistent with requests from new exhibitors and from longtime exhibitors wanting to increase their individual booth size,” Boltres shares. “We expect to add another 20 exhibitors in 2022.”

Richmond will become the second leg in a three-city rotation for Shed Builder Expo. Rotating between different cities allows more attendees access without traveling a great distance every year. 

“Hopefully, one of three cities will be closer for a majority of our audience, at least once every three years,” says Boltres. 

“We want everyone to be able to attend annually, but we realize the greater the distance the more difficult travel can be. Three cities should be a welcome compromise.” 

Shed Builder Expo has become an annual event in the shed industry and continues a pattern of growth that has seen each show eclipse the previous in terms of the number of attendees and number of exhibitors.

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