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Shed Builder Looks to Keep Up with Online Trend

Ask their customers, and many are likely to admit that one of the reasons they purchased a shed from Crestwood Storage Barns was because of their local, small-business appeal, and the friendly, relaxed customer service they received.

That is what should be expected from a local, family-owned and -operated storage shed company in the warm, laid-back culture of Northwest Arkansas. Add to that the values of integrity, hard work, and superior quality that owner, Lonnie Hochstetler, brings from his Mennonite faith, and it is easy to see why Crestwood Storage Barns is a trusted name among locals.

Hochstetler was only a young teenager when his family moved to Huntsville, Arkansas, in 1999. Originally from Indiana, they had been living in the Dominican Republic for numerous years as missionaries. When his parents decided to return from the mission field, they wanted to move to a new location with the vision to help start a new church. Madison County in Arkansas was their choice.

It did not take long for Hochstetler to fall in love with the beautiful Ozarks and the friendly, relaxed culture of Northwest Arkansas. His father purchased a farm just a few miles outside of the small town of Huntsville and put up a few turkey barns. As a family, they started raising turkeys and cattle, and building storage barns.

The strong community culture of Northwest Arkansas proved to be a blessing for their shed business. People started talking. It was not long before word got around that the best sheds could be bought from Crestwood. The business became a success story.

As Hochstetler got older, he took on more and more responsibilities with the company. After a few years of managing the business, he purchased it from his father and continues as an owner/operator today. He enjoys running a local business that supports his own, young family and serves other local Arkansans.

The goal of Crestwood Storage Barns has never been to be the biggest shed producer in the area by churning out massive quantities of cookie-cutter storage sheds. Instead, they have always operated with the goal of producing the best storage sheds in Northwest Arkansas and serving the individual needs of each customer. This goal has helped them maintain a small-town business feel with ethical business practices.

In recent years, numerous large shed manufacturers have saturated the market in Northwest Arkansas with mass-produced sheds. This increased competition and the trend of modern online shed marketing led Hochstetler to look for a company he could partner with to build a website and manage his online marketing. His search led him to E-Impact Marketing, a shed industry leader in web development and marketing. In April of this year, the Crestwood Storage Barns website was launched.

As Crestwood enters this new phase for the company and adapts to modern means of marketing, they are still committed to maintaining the local, friendly appeal that they have become known for. Hochstetler’s desire is for the new website and the increased emphasis on online marketing to only improve their ability to serve their customers well.

Crestwood Storage Barns will always be passionate about providing their fellow Arkansans with the area’s best sheds from a local, family business in Northwest Arkansas.

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