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Shed Wife Facebook Group Launched

The shed industry isn’t just a place for men anymore. 

Many girl bosses are hauling sheds, running manufacturing businesses, as well as working as dealers and in shed sales. 

The idea behind the new Facebook group “Shed Wife” is to target all of the ladies in the industry and bring them together in one place. 

Most women who are married to someone who works in the shed industry spend much of their time together talking about all things sheds. Others are living the shed life by working in the industry. 

Shed Wife is a place women can gather to share fun stories and maybe a few recipes, but more importantly, to get to know others living a similar story. 

The administrators of the Shed Wife group are Megan Summers and Melissa Kuhlmann. Megan is the wife of Shed Geek, Kyle Summers. She and Kyle have been married for 16 years. They have one 10-year-old daughter named Mylie, two cats, and one spoiled puppy. 

She has an associate’s degree in early childhood education and currently serves as site supervisor/parent coordinator for the Southern 7 Health Department. 

Megan and her husband have shared several “shed trips” together over the years and every time the family goes on vacation, they have to stop at a few shed lots along the way. 

She sees this group as an opportunity to connect with the shed industry in a different light and is excited to see it grow and hopes to meet some great people along the way and build relationships that last.

Melissa is the wife of Jim Kuhlmann. She and her husband co-own JMAG LLC, an RTO company based in Southern Illinois. She and Jim have been married for 17 years with Jim beginning hauling sheds back in 2005. 

Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, as well as a master’s degree in educational psychology and educational administration. Besides owning JMAG, she is the assistant principal at Carrier Mills-Stonefort High School. 

She and Jim have two girls, Aly, age 10, and Greenlee, age 7. 

Having grown their marriage in the shed industry Melissa loves to hear fun shed-hauling stories, as well as seeing how women are working and thriving while living the shed life. 

Raising kids, working a full-time job, and supporting JMAG keep Melissa very busy. She looks forward to getting to know more women in the industry, hearing great ideas about how to help her husband grow their RTO company, while also having fun with other like-minded women. 

Shed Wife is a group where all women who are “married” to the shed life can land and support each other while also supporting the continually growing shed industry. 

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