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I believe a good partnership is where the “sower and the reaper enjoy the harvest together” (John 4:34). I love this Bible verse and believe it’s perfect when describing the positive influence that should exist between a shed dealer and the builder, and between the builder and their suppliers.

A good example of this is that few years back, I was introduced to an LP representative and I was blown away at what he had to share. He told me that LP was dedicated to educating not only the builders that use LP products, but also sales staff and customers that visit sales lots across America. LP literally provides everything you need to promote buildings built with LP products at zero cost to you. Let me repeat the zero cost to you part again.

Pictured (left to right): Jake McMillan, LP; Charles Hutchins, Shed-N-Carport Pro; and Andrew Woods, LP.

Rollin Mini Barns and Sunrise Barns are also great examples of shed builders that are dedicated to equipping shed dealers with everything they need to be successful from training to point-of-sale materials and shed displays. Both companies build high quality structures and are always willing to help me make my customers happy. Lengacher Transport plays a huge role by delivering customer sheds and displays in a timely, professional manner making the entire process work.

Here a few ways in which vendors and suppliers have helped my business prosper. Many times these items are available but seldom utilized and often overlooked by some shed dealers.

A good supplier should provide sales and marketing materials to help sell more sheds while highlighting their product as a key component. These materials can be a catalyst when informing and educating customers about the advantages of purchasing one shed over another.

Promotional wind flags to draw attention to my business along with other point of sale materials hanging in my shed displays which results in increased sales. Once these materials were in place, I quickly realized that they ignited more conversation between me and the customer which created an opportunity for me to highlight the quality materials in the sheds that I sell. These signs help you appear more professional which increases customer confidence, which increases sales.

LP Building Products’ website,, offers a plethora of useful information including product descriptions, how to prepare your yard, questions to ask, and dealer locator, among other things. This website is the ultimate source for all things LP.

I have utilized this website to garner further information on the products so I can better educate the customer. On more than one occasion, I have used this website to better describe the LP ProStruct floor due to its unique look with SmartFinish. The customer is always seeking affirmation, and once I show the detailed product description of the floor on the website, they realize the
products true value.

LP has dedicated marketing support reps that will help you set up, install, and educate you and your staff on the features and benefits of LP products and how to use the materials to increase sales! LP will work with you to provide solutions to increase traffic, sales, visibility, and grow your shed business. I’m always happy to see an LP rep show up at my shed business because I know that they are bringing me new sales materials for free. My LP rep will spend time walking my lot installing signs and brochures at no expense to me.

One of my vendors actually sponsored a Super Saturday sales event for me in which we shared the expenses for advertising, banners, brochures and giveaways. They even included a live radio remote, which helped bring in customers. My vendors have also supported me at state fairs and local festivals, and at Wal-Mart charity events.

I definitely appreciate my relationship with all of the vendors that make not only my company successful, but the entire shed industry as a whole. And I’m still blown away by all the support they offer me and the entire shed industry.


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