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As you already know by now, I like to write about where I travel to and what shed manufacturers I get to visit. 

Unfortunately, I have not traveled anywhere new these past few months, and although I do have a couple of places scheduled to go to very soon, I do not have new places to write about yet, which leaves me to write about something more informative this time. 

Since my main job is in social media marketing for shed dealers and manufacturers, this is my topic of choice.

When you are in the business of selling sheds, hiring a social media marketing company can offer several benefits to your business­—especially when you hire a marketing company that actually specializes in sheds and portable buildings. They will know more about how to zone in on the details of a portable building than just any general social media marketing company. 

Here are some of the benefits.


They stay updated on trends, algorithm changes, and best practices.

Professionals can bring a wealth of experience in creating effective campaigns tailored to specific industries, such as shed manufacturing.


Social media marketing companies can help shed dealers identify and target their ideal customer demographics more effectively.

They can employ advanced targeting options on platforms like Facebook to ensure ads reach the right audience based on factors like location, interests, and behaviors.


Social media companies can develop a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with the shed dealer’s brand and goals.

They can create engaging and visually appealing content, including images, videos, and captions, to showcase sheds and capture the audience’s attention.


Maintaining a consistent brand image across various social media platforms is crucial. Social media experts can ensure that your shed dealership’s branding is cohesive and aligned with your overall marketing strategy.


Social media marketing companies utilize analytics tools to track the performance of campaigns.

Regular reporting provides insights into the effectiveness of different strategies, allowing shed dealers to make data-driven decisions and optimize future campaigns.


Managing social media accounts, creating content, and monitoring performance can be extremely time-consuming. Outsourcing these tasks to a social media marketing company allows shed dealers to focus on their core business activities.

It can also save costs associated with hiring and training in-house social media staff.


Social media companies can actively and efficiently manage paid advertising campaigns, maximizing the return on investment.

They can create and optimize ads, set budgets, and monitor performance to ensure ads are reaching the right audience and achieving business objectives. 


With competitors likely utilizing social media, having a professional social media presence becomes essential for staying competitive in the market.

A marketing company can help shed dealers stand out and differentiate themselves in a crowded digital landscape.


Social media marketing strategies can be scaled up or down based on business needs and goals.

As the shed dealership grows, a social media marketing company can adapt and expand strategies to accommodate the changing requirements.

Before retaining a social media marketing company, it’s important for shed manufacturers/dealers to clearly communicate their objectives, target audience, and brand identity. Regular communication and collaboration with the chosen agency will help ensure a successful and aligned social media strategy.

If you are marketing your social media sites yourself, the best advice I have for you is: Take quality pictures! If the building is dirty, then wash off the splattered mud before snapping the picture. Don’t have weeds growing up around the shed or random people in the background. Make sure the shed or other portable building looks like the quality you are trying to sell.

Good luck to you with advertising, marketing, and selling!

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