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Streak through the Slump

“The strength of your reason determines the length of your season.” — Unknown

I’ve heard it said that tough times never last, tough people do! I recall a few tough stretches throughout my time in the shed industry when sales were slow and I found myself in a dreaded slump. Raise your hand if that has happened to you. 

When I experienced my first slump in sales, I reached out to one of my mentors and he asked me a simple question. He asked me what things are keeping me in my slump? He told me that to get out of my slump, I had to streak through the slump by prospecting more, making calls, and doing the daily money-making activities that create sales. 

He told me to put all of my focus and energy on those activities and by doing so, I would streak quickly through my slump. He then asked me the following questions that I have reflected on over my two plus decades when I feel that sales are stagnant and that I am in a slump (S—Skeptical, L—Lazy, U—Undecided, M—Misdirected,P—Poor Attitude):

Are you skeptical? Do you believe in your business or, more importantly, yourself? I believed in my business, but I doubted myself at times. This doubt came from me slacking off in my prospecting and customer follow-up. 

It’s amazing that when I focus on my money-making activities, my confidence level is always high. Slacking off on these activities always leads to doubt and skepticism. I encourage you believe in your business and yourself 110 percent and develop the daily habit of immersing yourself in those activities.

Are you lazy? No way that I could be lazy, right? Wrong! I have found myself being lazy in my sales presentation at times, cutting corners, and going right for the close. This approach almost always fails due to the fact that customers pick up on your half-baked attempt to sell them. 

Taking extra-long lunch breaks and spending time watching the news are a few other ways that I have been lazy in my approach. So, yes, I admit to being lazy, but I work diligently daily to stay focused on money-making activities, and I encourage you to do the same.

Are you undecided? You can “try” peas and carrots. You don’t “try” business! When I got started with my shed business, I was 100 percent committed to making it work. I had the mindset that it didn’t matter how long it took me to build a successful shed business, I was all-in. 

I had a few of my friends and family members tell me that I was crazy getting into the shed business. To be honest, I used the naysayers’ negativity as fuel to keep building my business. I encourage you to commit yourself to success no matter what business you are in. I’ve witnessed many businesses fail over the years because the owner was just curious and not serious. 

Are you misdirected? We all have things that get our attention and distract us from concentrating on our business. Distractions can come in many forms such as spending time on social media/internet, wasting time with small talk or gossip, spending time away from the office, etc. 

I encourage you to cut out anything that is keeping you away from doing the money-making activities vital for sales and growth. When you are in a slump, these activities must be increased in order to get out of the slump.

Do you have a poor attitude? This is a BIG question. Having and maintaining a positive attitude has been one of the biggest game-changers in my business and my personal life. 

Believe me when I say that you have to work on having a great attitude daily to build and maintain a successful business. This can be a major challenge for many people who are mired in negativity, whether it comes from the people they hang out with or what they feed their minds. 

I encourage you to feed your mind with positive and nourishing words, and even more importantly, surround yourself with positive people. When your thinking is stinking, your sales will be shrinking!

If you are experiencing a slump, I encourage you to ask yourself the above questions and give yourself a checkup from the neck up. Double down on money-making activities and you will streak right through the slump.   

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