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The Shed App Launches Shed Partner Collective

The Shed App, an end-to-end platform for shed industry businesses based in Phoenix, reports it has launched its Shed Partner Collective. 

The new partner program expands The Shed App’s playbook by offering clients access to a vetted team of website designers, digital marketers, and sales professionals working in collaboration with The Shed App.

On average, shed businesses that use The Shed App’s 3D design, sales, inventory, and delivery tools experience significant improvements to their overall operations, according to the company. This includes a 145% return on their investment during the first year and a 50% sales increase. 

But platform users wanted even more ways to build on their upward trajectory.

“Clients leveraging The Shed App told us that the biggest thing holding them back was finding competent digital sales and marketing professionals to take those revenue-driving initiatives off their plates and produce real results,” says Bob Oxley, founder and CEO of The Shed App. 

“Because our team is dedicated to supporting our customers every step of the way, we responded by developing the Shed Partner Collective.”

Shed businesses using the Shed Partner Collective will tap into a team of digital marketers, developers and sales experts focused on their industry. These select service providers will be able to offer clients a range of benefits, including the following:

  • Website design and development to engage customers, foster trust, and navigate customers through a purchasing journey.
  • Online/digital sales and advertising across Google Ads, Meta Ads, and other platforms to find and target future customers.
  • Sales consulting to set up or optimize CRM for success, increase visibility into team performance, and train the team to close more deals—both online and at the lot.

To learn more about The Shed App’s suite of services and the Shed Partner Collective, visit

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