Tiny Homes Making Ownership Possible in Detroit

tiny homesDetroit has highest rate of concentrated poverty in the 25 top metro areas in the United States.

Many factors are making it difficult for residents to get out of poverty, let alone own a home.

Tiny Homes Detroit is making a way for low-income folks to become homeowners.


The tiny homes, a project of Cass Community Social Services (CCSS), are being constructed with the help volunteers from the area. CCSS bought 25 vacant lots in Detroit to construct tiny home neighborhood.

Seven of the planned 25 tiny homes have been completed.

While many cities in the country are building tiny homes, Detroit is the first to implement a rent-to-own model.

In addition, where other cities build the tiny homes in the outskirts, the Detroit homes are in the city.

The homes have different styles, such as studios and a loft. They range from 250 to 400 square feet, and interior furnishings have been donated by Herman Miller and Interior Lifestyles.

Rent is $1 a month per square foot. After seven years, a renter can own the home.

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