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Top Three Sellers for 2017

The year 2017 was a banner year for Spring Hill Sheds. We did more business than in any other year since we’ve been open. We sold all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors of storage buildings in 2017.

During the last quarter of the year, we looked back at which storage sheds we sold the most of to help our customers know what other people are buying. Here are the top selling storage sheds of 2017 right here in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

The Painted Side Lofted Barn

This building has been the best-selling model over the last several years and had no problem holding onto first place in 2017. This building, especially when optional windows are added, is perfect for storage of everything from a mower to garden supplies to Christmas decorations and everything else in between.

While we sell lots of pressure-treated buildings, our customers seem to love the ability to be able to customize their side-lofted barn colors to their own choosing. As far as size is concerned on the side-lofted barn, the top-selling storage shed is either a 10 by 20 foot or a 10 by 16 foot.

The Lofted Barn

The lofted barn has long been a popular storage option for all sorts of uses. Oddly enough, the side-lofted barn is basically a lofted barn with the doors moved to the side. Lofted barns come with 6-foot, 3-inch sidewalls and overhead lofting space that is fantastic for storing away stuff.

Lofted barns come with as much or as little lofted storage as customers want. Some customers choose to have as much lofted area as possible, while others prefer no lofting and plenty of head room. Many customers will also add options like windows and shelving.

The Utility Shed

Rounding out our top-selling storage sheds of 2017 is the utility shed. The utility shed is the most basic storage shed we sell. The most popular option we sell with utility sheds is the extended 8-foot side walls.

We can extend the side wall height of a utility shed up to 8 foot. The side walls on the lofted barn cannot be raised above their standard 6-foot, 3-inch height due to federal DOT regulations. This feature alone causes many buyers to select the utility shed over a lofted (or side-lofted) barn.

Our buildings come in three basic finish options: pressure treated, painted, or polyurethane. Of the three options offered, the painted and polyurethane finishes are the most popular, with painted being the most popular overall. Inside our office at Spring Hill Sheds, we have a design center where customers can see actual samples of the siding and roofing options.

There are several other optional items to customize a storage building even further, including windows, workbenches, shelving, house-style doors, and much more. All of our storage sheds are built right here in Tennessee with famous Mennonite craftsmanship.

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