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‘We Truly Love What We Do’

There seem to be two constants in the shed-building industry: quality and family.

For W.E.H. Supply in Denver, Pennsylvania, both are true. The company strives to supply quality materials to the shed-building industry.

It’s also very family oriented.

The late William E. Hartman formed the company in 1979, and the company name comes from his initials. Today, there are 10 Hartmans working in the family business.

“Nan, as we call her, the late William’s wife, Joanne, is still very active in the business and keeps everyone straight,” says Shane Hartman, who works in purchasing and sales for W.E.H. Supply and is a third-generation member of the family business.


W.E.H. Supply started out providing materials for the manufactured housing industry, but over the years it diversified into the shed industry.

“As the buildings began to change, our catalog of products expanded,” Hartman says.

After William’s passing, his three sons (Bill, Ken, and Mike) took over the business and have continued with the core values (faith, family, fairness) that had been instilled in them.

“Our objective is to be competitive in the market, while never sacrificing quality to achieve it,” Hartman says. “The backbone of W.E.H. is our commitment to customer service, which is doing whatever is necessary to make sure our customers have what they need, when they need it.”

W.E.H. is still involved in the manufactured housing industry, but the company’s primary business is in the shed and small building industry.

Family Business

The younger generation of Hartmans all worked at W.E.H.
during summer breaks as children. Most returned as adults to work and be integral parts of the business.

All three of William’s sons are still active in day-to-day operations: Bill and his wife (Robin) and son (William T.); Mike and his wife (Mindy) and sons (Austin, Ethan and Shane); along with Ken make up the Hartmans carrying on the family business.

“Our other employees, while not sharing in the Hartman name, are certainly felt as family,” says Hartman.

Shed Industry Supplier

As mentioned earlier, W.E.H. Supply’s product inventory has greatly expanded over the years. As shed builders began calling for more custom items, the company adjusted products to match their desires.

“A big part of our business is walking customers through new and innovative products and how they can be incorporated into their operation,” says Hartman. “Our objective is to carry the bulk needs of most builders, backed by our high commitment to quality and service.”

While the company’s catalog of windows, doors, shutters, hardware, and accessories has greatly expanded from the early years, Hartman says W.E.H.’s focus on providing quality and reliable products in a timely manner is still the same.

“It is hard to even call this a ‘shed’ industry anymore. The evolution of the buildings being built today is amazing,” says Hartman. “We have seen the shed industry expand from building the ‘simple’ wood sheds to vinyl sheds, insulated pool houses, garages and modular units.”

Outside of the many different designs offered, one of the biggest changes seen by the company is the improvement in the quality of the buildings.

“We believe much of this has been driven by builders who truly care about the products they are building, rather than being market driven,” says Hartman. “We are truly proud and blessed to be a small part of this industry.”

W.E.H Supply works very hard to maintain its inventory levels so that when customers place an order, the company has everything in house and the order can be filled promptly. While the company often carries added inventory, Hartman says that they reserve inventory for regular customers in times when counts get low. They spend a lot of time and effort in research to prevent any items being out of stock for their regular customers.

“While we try to operate our business in a God-honoring way, we do make some mistakes,” says Hartman. “However, when mistakes do happen we strive to learn from them and not repeat them. We are continually looking for ways to improve and better meet our customer’s needs.”

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The Reward

While the Hartmans and the other employees at W.E.H. Supply work hard to provide quality materials, the best part of the job, according to Hartman, are the relationships that have been forged over years of serving shed-building companies.

WEH - Truck - Products_edited

“We have had the opportunity to get to know some really good people from all across the country through this little business,” Hartman says. “We also take a great deal of pride in the knowledge that we have, in some small way, helped create and provide some of the products going into these structures that the public can enjoy for years.”

“We truly love what we do.”


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