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Why Homeowners Buy Sheds

Homeowners have lots of reasons for wanting a shed. Improving the look and feel of one’s space is the overwhelming number-one reason. Making their space more functional, increasing home value and changing lifestyle needs come into play, too.

An outdoor structure can become one of the most functional spaces on a homeowner’s property.
An outdoor structure can become one of the most functional spaces on a homeowner’s property.

Homeowners strive to make their homes a sanctuary from outside stress caused by the accumulation of “stuff.” The biggest challenge to improving home organization is a lack of space in the home. Helping them envision how a shed can help make their lives less cluttered and reduce stress is an important part of selling a shed.

Most shed purchasers begin their shed consideration process many weeks before they actually buy. During this investigative time, homeowners will search online about shed sizes, materials, pricing, and more.

When they come to the shed lot, they know a lot about what they want—but invariably the shed dealer is still the expert on whom they rely for in-depth answers.

The more homeowners can show off a project upon completion, the more time they spend shopping for it. This is true for kitchen remodels, basement redo’s, house additions, and more,
including backyard improvements.

A shed is an extension of the home, and having the right shed gives homeowners lots of satisfaction. This can lead to fantastic word-of-mouth advertising for a shed dealer.

Sheds are truly a home-improvement project that makes the home better. Homeowners, if they see a shed as an aesthetic extension of their home that affords practical benefits, may make a shed a priority over other projects. This may increase sales opportunities when framing up a sales pitch to homeowners.

As a shed dealer, you can help homeowners achieve their goals by helping them envision how buying a shed can be a huge step in their self-improvement process. First, learn what their goals are. Following are some ideas you might consider exploring with prospective customers.

Are They Looking to Cut Down on Clutter?
Whether it’s due to poor organization, a spouse who is a packrat, or simply having too much “stuff” under their roof, a storage shed can help homeowners cut down on clutter. When homeowners have a place to stash those rarely used and space-hogging items, they’ll get back valuable space that will make their home feel larger and more enjoyable.

Maybe They Want to Start a New Business
Perhaps a homeowner has decided this is the year to start a new business, but he or she lacks the right space. An office shed could be the perfect solution.

Shed structures function beautifully as home offices, art or recording studios, hair salons, and more. In a custom shed, they’ll have the space and privacy needed to focus on their business goals.

Help Them Get Fit
Most people are short on time but many have a goal to be fit. Help homeowners envision turning a shed into a workout room or yoga studio.

The daily drive to a facility across town takes time and make homeowners less likely to work out when they’re short on time. Having a place to exercise in one’s backyard is more convenient and doesn’t require monthly membership fees.

Starting a New Hobby
Some homeowners are looking to start a new hobby or get back into an old one. A shed can be used to create the ultimate workshop, craft room, writer’s den, photography studio and more.
Hobbies are a great way to help homeowners reduce stress and find a healthier, more creative lifestyle.

Offer Inspiration
An ideal way to inspire homeowners is to present sheds and other outdoor structures that incorporate quality products into a shed design that meets their needs. Help homeowners explore
customizing options for a truly durable structure, including quality siding, professional-grade roof decking, attractive flooring, and more.

Once homeowners decide that an outdoor structure is the solution to their storage and organization needs, their online research can tell them a lot about quality sheds that can provide
lasting durability, beautiful finishes and style options. Homeowners often seek out shed dealers that offer these advantages, and they can quickly learn that not all shed dealers offer the same
products, options and services.

Helping homeowners envision a shed getaway may increase shed sales.
Helping homeowners envision a shed getaway may increase shed sales.

Of course sheds are available everywhere. To put your shed dealership in the best possible position for a sale, homeowners looking for quality may seek any of the following:

HIGH CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS. Because a shed is a big investment, homeowners want to be sure it is well-constructed so it can provide many decades of service. Promote that you construct buildings in a quality-controlled environment that protects components from water damage.

DELIVERY AND SET-UP. Assure consumers you are an experienced, full-service dealer that will be able to provide prompt delivery and set-up of a new shed. Confirm that you will check the foundation for the shed and ensure the shed is placed properly.

Also assure homeowners that you can prep their site for  an additional charge, if that’s a service you offer. Consumers will trust dealers that can readily answer questions
now or in the future.

SITE PREPARATION. Many homeowners are intimidated by shed site preparation. Educating homeowners on the best types of shed foundations and what’s best based on where they live, how the shed will function, and the shed’s size are helpful selling points.

For example, many homeowners may not be aware that the most common shed foundations are gravel or crushed rock, concrete pavers, concrete slab and poured footers.

Addressing this level of intimidation can also be an additional revenue stream and selling tool for shed builders. If you don’t presently offer construction of shed foundations as an added service, perhaps it’s a good time to start.

WARRANTY COVERAGE. Homeowners need to be assured, and a shed warranty can give them great peace of mind. If a product manufacturer offers a warranty, be sure to fully understand its coverage and be able to explain this to the customer. A good warranty backed by a product manufacturer can be a valuable sales tool if you take time to understand and use it.

FINANCING OPTIONS. Many customers need a shed but can’t afford the entire cost upfront. Help homeowners with competitive financing or rent-to-own programs that allow them to purchase a shed with a small deposit.

Homeowners have stated that once they purchased a shed it was much easier for them to determine what goes where: in the garage, basement, and shed. The shed helps them visualize different storage spaces for different purposes. In other words, if a dealer can help homeowners understand how they are using “inside” space, it will help dictate their shed uses.

Homeowners often need help envisioning how to customize a shed. This includes organization, locks, lighting, windows, paint, upgraded hardware, and more.

For example, lap siding is a beautiful upgrade and can match the siding on one’s home, but because panel is so prevalent, a homeowner might not consider lap without prompting from a shed dealer.

Homeowners want to make the most intelligent decisions they can about their home improvements. A shed dealer has a wealth of information and can help guide homeowners to their ideal shed purchase, whether their shed will serve more of a functional role or one that lends itself to personal vision or artistic expression.

Always remember that the most common reason for disappointment with a shed is that it is too small.

A film barrier and other modern interior advances can help keep stored items cooler and brighten a shed’s interior.
A film barrier and other modern interior advances can help
keep stored items cooler and brighten a shed’s interior.
Homeowners who seek quality sheds also may seek a classic look.
Homeowners who seek quality sheds also may seek a classic look.


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