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Are You Providing Excellent Customer Service?

Sam Walton once said, “We only have one boss, and that is the customer. And he can fire us any time by simply deciding to spend his money somewhere else.”

Newsflash! Providing excellent customer service in the shed industry is vital, if you want to sustain growth and gain market share. The true measure of business success is that your customers are happy with their decision to buy from you and are motivated to recommend you to their friends and family.

The very best companies are obsessed with customer service, and you should be as well. Everything that you do in your business should be organized to satisfy your customers better in some way.

1. Satisfy Your Customers. A customer who is satisfied with the product or service that you have sold or delivered is the minimum requirement for the survival of your business. If all you do is “satisfy” your customers, they will be open to other competitive offers, have minimum loyalty, and will seldom recommend you to others.

2. Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations Instead. This is when you do more than your customers expected and more than the competition does. Your ability to exceed customer expectations is the minimum requirement for sustained growth in your business. I like to call customers after they have a shed delivered to check on them. I always ask if they are satisfied and would they recommend me in the future. I will then check back three months later, and the customer is almost always appreciative of the personal attention.

3. Delight Your Customers. This is when you do something that not only exceeds expectations, but also brings a smile of happiness to your customer’s face. I send my customers a birthday card when their shed, garage, or other structure is one year old. I know it sounds a little goofy; however, most of my customers get a kick out of it, and it allows me to stay in touch. I want the last impression of my business to be a positive one in my customer’s mind.

4. Amaze Your Customers. This is when you do something that is completely beyond expectations. You actually amaze them in such a way that they tell others and talk about you to their friends and family, which is huge. I mail my customers a referral bonus for any business they send my way. If I find out my customers are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion at the time of sale, I will mail them a gift card as a token of my appreciation. I also send a personalized thank-you card after every sale.

Always make sure that the last contact with your customers is a positive one. The last contact leaves the deepest impression. This is the one that they remember the most. Always tell your customers to reach out to you any time if they have questions or concerns, and give them your personal cell phone number.

These are the kinds of wonderful impressions that will cause your customers to come back and buy from you again and again, and also refer their friends and family to you.


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