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“ Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning,” Benjamin Franklin wrote.

How can an industry evolve to complement market trends and gauge its level of success without data to measure? Industry analysis is a much-needed tool that can drive a company’s understanding of its position in a market niche compared to other companies with similar products and services. This type of analysis is a key component in creating effective strategic plans for your business. Industry analysis requires gathering and reviewing information on current economic
market conditions.

The NBSRA (National Barn & Storage Rental Association) was founded in 2009. Its membership consists of the rent-to-own companies providing RTO services to the shed manufacturing and retail industry. The factions that make up the shed RTO industry encompass shed manufacturers and retailers that provide their own RTO for customers, as well as direct RTO providers that partner with the manufacturers, rather than providing in house RTO.

In order to get an accurate and robust view of the industry, the NBSRA has hired the world’s largest business- to-business market research and consulting company to carry out an industry analysis survey to create benchmarks for key performance indicators specifically for the shed RTO industry.

Due to the highly sensitive and confidential nature of the data, the NBSRA requires a third party to handle the data collection and analysis to ensure the highest degree of confidentiality and security. All information will be collected and submitted anonymously and aggregated to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire industry.

B2B International was the first firm established that focuses exclusively on B2B market research and advisory services. They have completed more B2B research and consulting projects than any other company. Some of their recent clients include Craftsman, Black & Decker, Toro, and Husqvarna Group. B2B International has a portfolio of more than 600 clients, 120 countries reached, and over 3,000 B2B research studies conducted.

Examples of the industry metric data that will be available to the market from the survey includes the average percentage of cash transactions versus rent-to-own from current manufacturers, market size breakdowns, and current trends in shed manufacturing.

Combining the data collected from manufacturers across the industry will allow you to analyze crucial economic metrics on the state of the shed manufacturing industry as a whole. It will also enable shed businesses to benchmark themselves against the market in key areas and to gauge overall makeup of the industry and how it may vary by region.

B2B International will create an online survey that will be administered to shed manufacturers and retailers. We encourage everyone to participate and help
make the study and data as comprehensive and representative of the current industry as possible. All manufacturers that contribute to the survey results will be able to purchase the information at a discount before it is made available for purchase to the general public.


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