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Continuing Growth for Software Development Company

Shed Suite, based in Sarasota, Florida, announced that it has added two more developers bringing its total number to five, according to CEO Jason Graber. These new additions come on the heels of bringing on Wayne Ebersole, CFO and account manager, who joined the shed business software firm last fall. 

“New customer onboarding is pushing our team expansion, and we will keep adding additional team members as more and more shed builders join our customer network,” says Graber.  

Graber recently announced the company’s affiliation with the marketing automation firm, SharpSpring, a white label partner that offers a bundle of digital and social media marketing features. This partnership allows Shed Suite to provide this platform to its customers as an additional Shed Suite feature. 

Shed Suite is in the process of building a native API integration with the platform and will also be handling implementation and the technical details of marketing automation on the platform with and for the benefit of its customers. The company plans to launch this to its customers later this year. 

Shed Suite is Graber’s second successful software venture in the shed industry. He previously licensed his first software solution, 3D Shed Builder, exclusively to a few U.S.-based customers.

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