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Cupola Company Offering New Styles, Materials

When it comes to building sheds, Royal Crowne leaves it to someone else. But, according to Steve Fisher, the company’s general manager, when it comes to pimping out a shed, Royal Crowne has the answers.

The Pennsylvania-based company, which has been manufacturing cupolas for over 30 years, has recently introduced new, exciting styles of cupolas and weathervanes specifically for the shed building industry.

According to Fisher, the cupolas are available in several styles and sizes, all designed for that shed owner wishing to add some bling to their structure. Another new offering is “windcup” weathervanes, available in several styles and finishes. 

Among the newest materials Royal Crowne is using to erect cupolas and the windcup weathervanes is copper. If left exposed to the elements, copper undergoes a series of chemical reactions so that its shiny metal develops a pale green outer layer, or patina. That effect, which can take years to cultivate, is a favorite among lovers of history or antiques.

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