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Do You Have Integrity?

I just finished our annual catalog, and as it’s uploading to our printer, my mind is in torment of what I should or could have done with the catalog differently. I call it marketing upload remorse. Anyone that has the responsibility of marketing knows this battle.

Questions arise that no one can really answer. Will customers know what I am offering? Will they understand our features and options, and is this the ad that will take business through the roof or under the shed foundation?

Then my mind goes to what if shed sales drop this year? What if people downsize their possessions and don’t need additional storage space? What if Sheds 123 opens down the street and takes away our business? Maybe we already saturated the whole area with sheds, and no one wants a second and third shed in the yard?

I’m sure you have asked yourself these questions in the past and have taken measures to secure your business in the area.

This year our company theme was “integrity.” When you think about that one word and apply it to business, I can’t imagine you could go wrong. I’m not saying that if you walk in integrity, you won’t have struggles. All I know is integrity is doing right when no one is looking. Do you do that at home, work, and church?

As a shed builder and a manager in our company, it’s easier sometimes to disregard integrity and worry about the repercussions at a later point. At least you’re on top of the world, today, right? Who cares about tomorrow when you can cut corners and be on top today?

Anyone that’s been in the working world knows that a lack of integrity in business is about as good as framing a shed up with 1 by 1 balsa wood studs. Sure, it looks good today, but will it last? Will it weather a storm? Will it ruin your reputation in the area?

What makes you great in your business? How do you retain quality workers? What gives you the highest reputation?

Here are a few areas for concentration as shed builders:

I  Inventory—having what you need when you need it.
No-nonsense operations.
T  Teamwork from the office to the shop.
E  Energy in sales, manufacturing, and delivery.
G  Good planning of orders and delivery.
R  Research and development of new materials, and Renovations in marketing in an ever-changing world.
Innovation of products offered.
T  Timing of materials and goods.
Y  Yesterday—let’s look back at it and learn how to be better.

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