June/July 2017


LP has expanded its limited warranty coverage to include hail damage, the company reports. The recent update to the LP® SmartSide® 5/50 Limited Warranty covers numerous LP products that can be used on outdoor sheds, including SmartSide Strand and Fiber Substrate Lap Siding, Panel Siding, Shake, Trim & Fascia, Soffit[Read More…]

Traditions & Belief

Amish Sheds Inc. in Thorold, Ontario, has been in business since 2007. And since the beginning, the company has had its sheds built by the Amish in the small town of South Dayton, New York. Why? Because the Amish there use Hemlock wood, which resists insects and lasts a long[Read More…]


Fiberglass door manufacturer Ryan-Al Door Systems Inc., headquartered in Diamond Bar, California, is moving manufacturing of shed products, such as doors and windows, to the United States from China, the company reports. The company is moving its manufacturing operations from Zhejiang, China, to the Caldwell County, North Carolina, town of[Read More…]

Do You Have Integrity?

I just finished our annual catalog, and as it’s uploading to our printer, my mind is in torment of what I should or could have done with the catalog differently. I call it marketing upload remorse. Anyone that has the responsibility of marketing knows this battle. Questions arise that no[Read More…]

Profit Per Unit

Earlier this week a client asked for help sorting out and prioritizing a list of nearly 30 projects and tasks that were competing for his attention. The list of ideas, tasks, and actions to take was growing so large that anyone would get overwhelmed. He wisely used his investment in[Read More…]

The Formula For Success

Every industry and business has formulas that they use–a framework for decision making, if you will. Banks plug your numbers into their formula to determine if they should give you a loan. Publishers hear a pitch about a new self-help book and use their formula to decide if they should[Read More…]

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