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Forestry Group Nurseries are 100 percent Fossil-free

A silo feeds pellets into one of the new pellet boilers at Södra’s nursery in Falkenberg.

Södra, an international forest industry group, says its nurseries have now transitioned to fossil-free operations. Heating, machinery, and vehicles are all powered by renewable energy.

“Persistent efforts and environmental investments of SEK 10 million have generated results,” says Johan Jonsson, head of Södra Skogsplantor.

After several years of hard work, the Flåboda nursery south of Växjö in Sweden became totally fossil-free in 2015. Since then, efforts to transition to fossil-free operations have also been ongoing at the Falkenberg facility.

In the final stage of the transition, the gas to the greenhouses was turned off last spring and when the heating system is restarted in the autumn it will be powered by new, environmentally friendly, wood pellet boilers. This means that all operations, not only in Falkenberg but in all of Södra’s nurseries, are now fossil-free.

“Greenhouses, production premises, and staff rooms are heated with either pellets from our own sawmills at Långasjö and Värö, or by geothermal systems,” Jonsson says. “The electricity we use is green and generated by our pulp mills. In addition, all of our machinery and vehicles run on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).”

Reduced CO₂ emissions is a key sustainability target for Södra and also means that production must be fossil-free by 2020.

“Due to several years of successful efficiency improvements, our fossil-free production target will soon be achieved by all of our production units,” says Henrik Brodin, project manager. “It is very gratifying that our nurseries have already reached this goal.”

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