Have You Seen the World’s Fastest Shed?

It’s no secret that shed builders in England create some “interesting” sheds.

Kevin Nicks, a gardener from Oxfordshire, decided to take his shed on the road.

As fast as he could make it go.

Nicks had a Volkswagen he was going to scrap. Instead, being a shed fanatic, he envisioned a shed on wheels.

The car/shed is very heavy, because Nicks had to use steel for the frame. The engine’s 200 horsepower zooms it along.

In August, Nicks got his shed on wheels up to 96 mph at the Wheelie and Top Speed Championships event at Elvington Airfield in York. His previous best was 88 mph.

He was hoping to break 100 mph, but wind and weather kept his ride from reaching triple-digit speed.

Yes, it’s street legal, and Nicks takes his speedy shed to many racing events all over England.

How does he get his shed to go so fast? A recently added nitrous oxide boost, which provide an additional 75 horsepower.

But, Nicks doesn’t store anything in the shed, except the nitrous oxide canister … and solar-powered waving flowers on the dash.

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