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It’s the Little Things that Make All the Difference

God’s gift to you is life. How you live that life is your gift to God.

How’s it going? Are you performing the daily mundane actions to be successful, or are you a wandering generality?

In one of the books that had a big impact on my life, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, the author reveals that the same activities that take us from failure to survival would also takes us from survival to success—if we would just keep doing them. In other words, simple daily disciplines—little productive actions, repeated over time—add up to the difference between failure and success not only in our industry, but in all areas of life.

Anyone can do these simple actions that lead to success over time. Unfortunately, many do not because these actions are easy to do, and easy not to do.

Let’s choose eating for example. We all know that we are supposed to eat fresh fruits, leafy green plants, whole grains, fresh fish, and drink plenty of water. We all know this, so why do so many of us gobble up unhealthy fast food on a daily basis?

Here’s why: It won’t kill us, today. If we suffered a stroke the first time we inhaled a Big Mac, I doubt any of us would go back and eat another one. Eating unhealthy, compounded over time, will ruin your health—but not immediately.

This works the same for your finances, your business, your marriage, your relationships, and your spiritual life. It works with anything and everything.

Once I realized this simple philosophy of developing positive daily habits, I began to focus on the four major areas of my life.

When I began to take action daily, I noticed major progress in each area. I’ve had such great results, that I actually made it my Mission Statement.

The Four Major Areas of My Life Are:service-to-many-call-out

GOD—Seek and Ye shall find! I began to spend time praying daily and reading the Bible. Over time my spiritual life has really improved and I have a stronger relationship with my Savior.

OTHERS—The greatest feeling in the world to me is doing something nice for other people. Serving others and genuinely caring about their needs has propelled my business to a higher level than I ever imagined. I have developed the habit of complimenting my customers, sending them words of encouragement, and just reaching out to check on them.

FAMILY—I have devoted more time to loving and enjoying my family. My wife and I have a weekly date night, and I seek out more time to spend with my children striving to be a positive influence in their lives. I’m so blessed to still have my parents, and I call them at least once a day to check in with them. I truly love my family time.

ME—I went to work on myself by developing positive habits in the spiritual, mental, and physical areas of my life. If I was to have a positive impact on others, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it all started with me.

Mentally, I began to read good books, and I cut all negativity out of my life. I turned my daily commute to the office into “Drive-Time University” by listening to inspirational CDs, such as Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Dave Ramsey, and Zig Ziglar, to name a few. Spiritually, as I mentioned before, I focused on praying daily along with reading the Bible and developing my relationship with God.

Physically, I began to exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes daily. I drink more water and get at least eight hours of sleep every night. I am also eating a much healthier diet and my body is getting everything it needs to function by consuming the most nutrient rich organic food on earth.

The habits I have developed, compounded over time, have led to positive changes in my life.


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