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Life of a Shed Geek Wife

(Photo courtesy of Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash)

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be writing an article in Shed Builder Magazine as a Shed Wife, but here we are!

My husband started in the shed industry seven years ago as a territory rep. I watched him go from state to state talking to different people along the way, trying to get them interested in “selling sheds.” 

He went on to open his own lot (and again came more and more people, but this time, he was trying to sell them a product and I watched how he became so enamored with different shed products and marketing tools). 

He then became director of marketing for a shed manufacturer, went into the rent-to-own world (shoutout JMAG) and of course, became a Shed Geek. 

I’ve listened to every episode, even if I had no idea what they were talking about. Honestly, it just seemed like another night sitting around the dining room table.

His shed journey has also led my daughter, Mylie, and I on a journey of our own—we’ve had ups and downs, times of being rich to being poor (you know the life of a shed salesman), great adventures together, and then bouts of loneliness as well. 

There were times when I wanted him to walk away from the shed industry, but in the end, I’m very happy where it has taken us. 

I’ve been able to meet some awesome, funny, and kind people along the way who have been gracious enough to invite us three into their homes and I have been able to go to gorgeous places where there are mountains, lakes, or even exotic forests. 

Of course, My husband can spot a shed or a shed lot from a mile away and I’ve had to hear him say things like “There’s a shed lot!” or “I sold that shed,” and many times, “Hurry! Take a picture of that shed hauler,” (#Yawnhere) along the way, but hey, what’s a work trip vacay without hearing all about sheds?

Just to name a few amazing people and companies I’ve met in the last year would be Anthony and Jessica Mitchell of Outdoor Options in Georgia. We got to spend an evening with them while they put on a company outing at their home (if I remember correctly, there was also ping-pong involved, sorry Anthony).  

We got to spend a few days with Josh and Leah Villalobos of Wolf Valley Buildings and their family in Costa Rica (I’m not sure how we would have survived without Josh navigating us through the entire country)! It’s amazing how much shed history comes from Costa Rica. 

Last but not least, happens to be the Kuhlmanns, Jim and Melissa, who have opened up their home to us on numerous occasions. From Christmas parties to pool parties, or as simple as a family game night, there never seems to be a dull moment when we get together. It also doesn’t hurt that Melissa is also co-creator of Shed Wife!

Being a Shed Wife is not something I ever imagined I’d add to my list of things I’d become but this Shed Wife life continues to take me in new directions that I’m excited about. 

However, I am recently no longer a Shed Geek wife, but our motto still is, “once a Shed Geek, always a Shed Geek.” Woo. 

I am looking forward to meeting more people at this year’s Shed Builder Expo. I’m sure you can find me around the JMAG/ booth, or who knows, maybe we will have our own Shed Wife booth! Fingers crossed.

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