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LP Building Solutions Helping Nashville Humane Association

(Photo courtesy of Old Hickory Buildings)

LP Building Solutions prides itself on its commitment to giving back to its communities. In the realm of sheds, the company says its mission is to offer unique storage solutions for an array of nonprofit organizations. Last year, it donated a shed to a regional nonprofit to store donated food items. 

This year, LP is helping pets. 

After speaking with nonprofits in need of additional storage, LP decided to partner with the Nashville Humane Association to donate an outdoor structure to store pet products. 

To support this effort, they worked with shed builder Old Hickory Buildings and Knoxville-based pet product company PetSafe® brand to replenish the nonprofit’s pet product supply. 

Rachel Hudson, shed segment marketing associate for LP Outdoor Building Solutions, says, “Keeping corporate stewardship top-of-mind, especially during the holidays, not only improves company morale, it helps the communities we live and work in. 

“In these uncertain times, nonprofits have more needs than ever before. LP is making this donation to keep products stored safely and to declutter their current building space so that it can be used for the things it was intended for, like training and playing.”

The first step to giving back is reaching out. LP went through an extensive vetting process to ensure they chose a partner with the greatest storage need. 

“Storage is one of those things people don’t think about when it comes to giving back,” explains Hudson. “You’d be surprised how great the need is given the fact that nonprofits are typically housed in smaller buildings with limited space.” 

After a nonprofit has been identified, the real planning begins. Hudson says to ask about things like size and what is being stored. 

For instance, last year’s donation involved storing food, so LP needed temperature control. This year, given the variety of pet products, the company installed custom shelves that can be easily labeled. 

The next step is searching for supporting brand partners. LP first reached out to locally-based shed brand Old Hickory Buildings to not only donate transportation of the shed, but also the labor to construct it. 

“This partnership not only strengthens our relationship with LP, it gives us the opportunity to give back to our community on a larger scale by having a manufacturer involved to help with planning and costs,” says Brian Berryman, president of Old Hickory Buildings.

LP says its second partner, PetSafe® brand, was elated to be approached about this partnership to provide toys, behavioral and training products. 

“If you are a shed business and want to give back to your community, I encourage you to look for other local businesses to make the donation even greater with additional involvement,” says Hudson

To promote the donation, foster a sense of community, and contribute to a positive company morale, LP planned a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Nashville Humane Association. 

Holding an event to celebrate the donation is truly a win-win for all entities involved. It gives the nonprofit praise for their charitable work and improvements they are making, as well as LP and other partners recognition for the support of the initiative. 

Finally, adding signage with company logos to the shed is just another way to get the company names out in the community long-term. 

All in all, if you are looking for a way to give back, the answer is simple—look around and reach out. The need is great and your donation, no matter what the purpose, can make a significant impact on nonprofits in your community. 

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