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LuxGuard Offers New Flooring Line for Sheds

With the new, textured rubber flooring now being sold by LuxGuard Rubber Flooring, shed builders can offer their customers a durable, easy-to-clean product that adds a special touch to the structure.

According to John White, division manager for LuxGuard, located in Granite Falls, North Carolina, the new flooring boasts a fiberglass backing. Another bonus? 

“We are the first seamless rubber flooring option build for sheds,” he says.

The durable flooring is only available to dealers and builders; consumers cannot purchase it directly from LuxGuard. It is sold in rolls of three widths, 10, 12 and 14 feet. Installation tools designed and manufactured by LuxGuard specifically for the flooring accompany every sale, so a dealer can upcharge the customer for both the product and installation.

“We believe we have perfected the product, installation process and result,” says White. Moreover, the entire process is designed to “ensure accurate measurements.”

The flooring is available in two colors, grey and black.

There are distinct advantages for a shed floor to be seamless. White says his company can advertise the rubber flooring to be “waterproof, oil-resistant, and can handle mild chemical spills,” but with a caveat. Be sure to inform the shed owner they should clean mild chemical spills within 24 hours of the incident. Not doing so can damage the flooring.

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