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Mastering Modern Marketing

Shed builders need to develop an online marketing plan to stay relevant with consumers.

Successful companies are adapting companies. The rapid advances in technology and the accompanying rise of the internet in the 21st century have radically transformed modern marketing methods.

Gone are the days of relying primarily on strategic location and print media for exposure and advertisement. Online marketing is now the present and future of successful enterprises. In this environment, today’s trends are quickly made archaic by tomorrow’s tides, making it so that a solid marketing plan is more about building a framework of discovery and change than it is about unlocking a magical formula. Successful online marketing is never static.

The shed industry is no exception. It is crucial for shed builders to develop an online marketing plan that is based on continual discovery and adaptation in order to stay relevant in an expanding and increasingly competitive market. If you want to take your shed company to the next level, here are some key areas to focus on and practical tips to assist you in developing a better online marketing plan.


Improving online marketing must begin with research. As a shed builder, you are likely an expert in the shed industry, aware of the best features and latest developments. But if you want to sell sheds, you need to have a learner’s attitude and become a student of your customers. When it comes to selling sheds, your target market is the expert.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to assume you know what your customers want and how they want to be approached, never investing time and resources in market discovery. Your customer base is a treasure trove of information that should guide your brand, your story, and your interaction with your customers. Your job is to unlock this treasure.

There are many methods and tools available to assist you in successfully researching your market. If you have partnered with a marketing firm, they should assist you in this market research and be able to provide expertly gathered information about your customer base.

Your research is successful when you can clearly verbalize what your potential customers want, in their language, and have used this to craft a story for your company centered around the customer and their desires. Your online presence and messaging should always be guided by, and consistent with, this story.


After you’ve done the research, maximizing your website should be a top priority. Whether you have a well-developed website or are still developing your online presence, here are a few items to focus on to boost website traffic and increase sales.

Make it clean and fast. Web standards are constantly improving. People expect fast-loading, professional-looking websites. A page that takes a while to load (more than one or two seconds) does not leave a good impression. A page that feels cluttered with scattered information and all kinds of content calling for attention at one time will fail to capture an audience and inspire action.

It is worth spending energy on improving your site speed and restructuring page content for a better user experience.

Clarify brand and calls to action. Make it easy for your customers to know what you do and what you want them to do. Within a few seconds of landing on your site, it should be obvious to them what you offer and the expected course of action they need to take to get this.

Offer lead-gathering incentives. If you give your web visitors everything they could ever want to know about you on the website, your opportunity for targeted marketing diminishes. Make sure you give enough information to not leave them frustrated, and then offer additional resources, price lists, catalogs, etc., to them through web forms.

This provides incentive for them to invest themselves in your services without asking for too much commitment. At the same time, it gives you the chance to gather information for ongoing email

Consider a 3-D builder. 3-D shed builders are fast becoming a popular feature on shed websites. There are so many reasons why you should consider this. One of the most compelling reasons
is that it essentially adds a virtual 24/7 salesman to your team. A good 3-D builder will help customers figure out what features they want, give them approximate costs, and may even offer
the possibility for online checkout. There’s a lot to love about that.

Keep it fresh. Your website should not become a static resource. A website is much more likely to make Google and other search engines happy if they see that the content on it is often being refreshed and added to. Create project galleries that feature unique or recently built sheds. Write and publish informative blog posts. Create more pages about your individual shed styles or features. There is always more that can be added to a website.


Social media should complement your website marketing.

Active marketing through social platforms is an absolute must if you want to continue to be a relevant and competitive shed builder. Social media can be the perfect complement to your website marketing. It should always stay cohesive and closely connected with your website content. Here are a few tips and ideas for you to consider in your company’s social media usage.

Post consistently and often. A social feed that is often and consistently updated demonstrates validity and relevancy to your following. Make it worthwhile for people to follow you and keep your brand in front of them.

Work for a community feel. Post content that asks for people’s opinions or offers other motivations for engagement. One of your goals should be to have your followers feel like they are part of a community they can contribute toward. When this happens, it also keeps you in tune with your customer base, enabling you to better serve their needs.

Share customer stories. Make an effort to keep your customers in the forefront of your social media presence. When you deliver a shed, ask your customer for permission to get a picture of them with the shed that youcould post on social media. Find out if it is okay to tag them in posts. When you can do this, it expands your social reach and will often result in their friends commenting about the building and wishing they could get something similar. Your customer’s friends are your company’s friends.

Link to your website content. There should be an active, healthy relationship between your social media content and your website content. If you are sharing a post about a shed that was just delivered, share a link to that shed style on the website. You are scoring well when your social media traffic becomes your website traffic, and vice versa.

Contribute to the lives of your followers. While your social media activity may be for the purpose of enhancing your company, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to focus on contributing to the lives of your followers through your social feed. Work to post content that educates them, inspires them to good action, provides laughter, or shows them that they are valuable. Your mindset should be seeking to give to them, rather than getting from them.


While your website and your social media usage will likely be the primary focus of your online marketing strategies, there are a variety of other components that can utilized to expand your online reach. Here are a few that will be helpful in improving the authority of and directing more traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO). There is no perfect formula for ensuring your website will rank at the top of web searches. Google now uses at least 200 factors in their algorithms to determine rankings and the formula is constantly changing. However, in order to win online, energy needs to be continually invested inoptimizing your site’s search engine rankings. This will include internal work on your site and external work in the larger online community that will garner trust in your site’s authority.

If you have partnered with an online marketing company, they should be able to provide expert SEO services that will keep you competitive in search rankings.

Pay-per-click marketing. You know those annoying top two or three results on a Google search that are paid ads? Well, they actually are effective if set up well. Implementing a well-built Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaign can be very beneficial in drawing traffic to your site and creating more sales leads.

Gathering reviews. Don’t drop your relationship with your customers after they have purchased from you. Ideally, your customers will become your best sales personnel. Asking for reviews from them is one way this can happen. Potential customers pay attention to other’s experience with your company.

Make sure that you have an easy review submission process setup on your website, but don’t just focus on website reviews. Facebook, Google, and online directories are also crucial platforms for
quality customer reviews.

Although we may have offered some of the most important strategies and tips that should be considered in online marketing, we have only scratched the surface of a vast and rapidly changing subject. There is no perfect, simple formula for mastering online marketing. It is too complex for that.

However, by developing a marketing plan, based on continual discovery and adaptation, that focuses energy on these areas, your shed company can succeed and thrive in a highly competitive

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