June/July 2018

The Wood Shed Life

Alan and Alice Bradshaw are known in the Meridian, Idaho, community. What are they known for? Sheds. So much so that people can get confused about the name. “Someone actually thought Alan’s last name was Woodsheds,” relates Alice. It’s an understandable mistake since the shed-building business the couple runs is[Read More…]

Customer Reserve Accounts

Rent-to-own agreements provide a great value for customers by allowing them the flexibility of a monthly contract, which can be terminated at any time by returning the rental property. The entry into a rental agreement is typically fairly low, with no credit checks being a common practice, and low monthly[Read More…]

Mastering Modern Marketing

Successful companies are adapting companies. The rapid advances in technology and the accompanying rise of the internet in the 21st century have radically transformed modern marketing methods. Gone are the days of relying primarily on strategic location and print media for exposure and advertisement. Online marketing is now the present[Read More…]

Roseburg Hires Roanoke Timberlands Manager

Roseburg reports that Pete Hancock has accepted the position of Roanoke Timberlands Manager, effective May 7, 2018. In this role, Hancock will oversee the day-to-day harvest and land management activities on Roseburg’s 158,000-acre fee land base in North Carolina and Virginia. A 2001 graduate of Virginia Tech where he earned[Read More…]

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