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Miller Joins SmartPay Rentals

SmartPay Rentals, the shed rent-to-own provider located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, reports it has hired Richard Miller as a new sales representative. 

Miller, from Mount Vernon, Ohio, has been working in the shed and rent-to-own business since 2008. He started selling sheds in Texas and most recently served as director of client relations at AFG Rentals.

As a result of a personal life-changing experience with acquiring a shed through rent-to-own, a passion was stirred up in him to help sales representatives understand how rent-to-own is truly a gift to those who cannot afford a shed otherwise. 

As a sales representative, Miller will continue to use his gifts and skills to benefit the dealers he serves at SmartPay Rentals and his expertise in the industry will help him build relationships that assist the dealers in increasing sales and making the rent-to-own process as simple as possible. 

Miller, aka “Weber Addict,” has a love for grilling and bringing everyone together. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Tina, of 24 years. 

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