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Pine Hill Reaches Milestone

Innovative features maximize shed hauling efficiency.

Shed builders, you have crafted a quality portable building and made a sale. Quickly, it sets in that you’ll need the means to transport this final product.  

In the year 2000, this challenge was brought to Dan Petersheim, owner of Pine Hill. Having been raised in farming and instilled with those “work hard” ethics, Petersheim decided to venture outside the realm of his first builds, skid-steer, and dump trailers. 

These local building manufacturers expressed their necessity for a unique trailer to aid in the shed moving process and helping those in need was a calling for Petersheim. 

After thoughtful consideration and prayer, Pine Hill was born, establishing Pine Hill Trailers as the retail and service division of Pine Hill Manufacturing.

Located in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we have developed from a home-based, one-man show and a dream into a larger-scale operation with that “mom and pop feel.” 

Our clients became our friends, and we slowly built a diverse and multi-talented team that collectively supports haulers. Pine Hill is a place where we strive to listen to field feedback and day-to-day challenges. 

Chances are your customer will need this new shed placed in the backyard, where they will believe there is plenty of room to maneuver during delivery. As countless stories go, the shed haulers then arrive on-site to a narrow entry or skinny gate within an existing fence, uneven ground, and a mix of other obstacles. 

As we see it, mini-barn transportation brings a different breed of haulers, and Pine Hill respects the hard work involved. We pondered, if we could only help these businesses work smarter, not harder. Thus began creative problem solving to design innovative features based on driver feedback and input, such as hydraulic frame and tail extensions, side-shift tail options, and our sought-after sideway wheels. 

Having reached our 20th anniversary in 2020, we found it suitable to share highlights from our journey. A more detailed version is available for your reading pleasure at 

The first piece of manufacturing equipment Pine Hill purchased is still in use today.

After working from his home full-time for a few years, Dan needed more space and acquired a shop. Come 2003, due to the rising demand for Pine Hill Shed Trailers, a full-time manufacturing department was added to oversee the process. This allowed us to focus on additional parts and service, even adding a dealership to expand our offering of trailer types. 

To this day, we only sell brands we believe to be synonymous with quality and those operating with integrity. 

In 2007, we purchased four acres of land where we would someday grow into more than we imagined. Due to the economic downturn, Pine Hill sat on the property for some time before having the resources in 2011 to begin building the 23,000-square-foot building where we are housed today.  

In order to continue serving the shed community, we opened a dedicated subdivision of our service department for shed trailer repair in 2014. This commitment brought specialized technicians, who are knowledgeable in mechanics and skilled at recognizing product design needs. 

Pine Hill wanted to do even more for our clients. During 2015, we purchased an existing building in New Holland, a nearby town, which is now devoted solely to manufacturing our shed trailers. 

Fast forward to today, after realizing we could provide our clients with quicker turn-around times on finished products, we opened a paint and blast facility on the existing New Holland property. The paint and blast division focuses on refurbishing the old and protecting the new. This is how we help extend the life of trailers and various equipment. 

Pine Hill provided a solution then and two decades later, has fine-tuned advanced ways to assist the shed industry. A noteworthy product offering is our step-deck model, a fully engineered freight trailer designed specifically with shed haulers in mind. Specialized features enable you to haul sheds out and back-haul raw materials.

The trucks that haul trailers brought a new market for aluminum truck bodies, and our Jutland brand, manufactured by Pine Hill, progressed. Jutland now offers cash-and-carry flatbed options and unique “shed beds” with industry-specific 45-degree corners, which accommodate tight turns when loaded with buildings. Branching into service bodies and fifth-wheel tractors with long beds, we’re able to serve a greater community of haulers.


Due to the growing geographical footprint of Pine Hill enthusiasts, our call volume seemed to increase at a pace we struggled to keep up with. This year, we have launched our first ecommerce site—an online store where parts may be purchased, in hopes this brings greater ease.  

Had you asked the humble Dan Petersheim 20 years ago what he envisioned, the answer wouldn’t be what we are blessed with today. 

Consumers and professionals alike visit daily, where our Lincoln Highway East shop is buzzing with 10 active service bays, a trailer dealership, and extensive inventory of hauling accessories.   

Through your support, we have grown to new heights, offering shed trailer manufacturing, custom builds and fabrication, paint and blast, new and used trailer sales, service and parts. 

Petersheim is quick to note that every day he is thankful for our dedicated clients and deeply values our employees, mentioning the positive team effort we put forth to continue operations.

Our goal is to provide tools, although sometimes it is simply about “style points.” Light up your truck or trailer, add functional yet stylish toolboxes—why? You do it because of passion. We are driven by your passions. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

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We extend our deepest appreciation and look forward to hauling in the years ahead. You have our commitment that we will continue striving to offer solutions to your most unique hauling needs. 

At Pine Hill we are “Driven by You.”

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