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RTO Education at the Expo

The NBSRA is excited to sponsor two educational sessions at the upcoming Shed Builder Expo, September 29-30, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

First, we’re thrilled to present one of our favorites to the attendees. You have an opportunity to learn and interact with attorney Ed Winn, who has well served the RTO side of the shed industry for many years. 

Winn has been general counsel of the national trade association for the rent-to-own industry since 1980. Over the years he has also represented scores of rental companies in their dealings with one another, with their customers, with their employers, with consumer advocates, and with the government. 

He regularly gives legal seminars to rental dealers about issues of the day. He writes articles for the industry magazine and has published over 400 to date. He has been attending NBSRA meetings since the organization began and enjoys very much his relationships with barn and shed rental dealers around the country.

Winn engages the audience with wit and expertise about all things RTO and legal for our industry. He always enjoys answering questions from the audience on some of the most difficult legal situations they run into. His sessions are always a favorite. 

Come, learn, ask questions and enjoy! We hope that this session will give insights into the legal side of RTO.

The second NBSRA educational session will be presented by Tanner Leibee. Are you a salesperson, a manufacturer, or a driver? The most common difficulties and misunderstandings among rental customers begin at the sales lot. 

Come hear real-time stories and solutions of how to present rent-to-own in accurate, valuable ways. We have a passion to equip sales managers, dealers, drivers, and others with the right strategies to answer the many questions in the RTO world. 

You’ll listen to actual stories and can engage with questions about rental contracts, pickups, and more.

Leibee sold his first shed in 1996 and soon after started delivering buildings with a handyman jack and PVC pipes. Ten employees and four locations later, his dad sold the company, and he and his wife, Rebecca, pursued their calling of Bible storytelling while living in a mud hut in Ghana, Africa. They learned much more than they taught and after 8 years settled back in the United States, but still take ministry trips abroad. 

Currently a business leader in North Carolina, Leibee oversees multiple RTO companies and serves as an advisory board member to the NBSRA. He loves to discover great ways of communicating through stories, questions, and ideas.

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