Shed Commercial a Smashing Success?

Shed builders have to sell sheds. And they have many marketing options.

One is TV advertising. However, sometimes the shoot doesn’t go quite as planned.

A YouTuber found this footage from an old Tuff Shed commercial shoot.

The concept, show how sturdy wood sheds are compared to metal sheds by riding a motorcycle over top of them.

It’s a good idea, but the first take doesn’t go as smoothly as it could. Oh, the motorcycle rider goes over the wood sheds just fine. He also smashes into the metal shed, as expected.

He just didn’t expect to go head first into the metal shed.

Fortunately, the rider was all right and the crew did some planning and made some adjustments so the rider was able to drive away from landing on the metal shed … the second time.

Interested in making a TV commercial for your shed business? In a future post, we’ll get advice from builders who have used this form of marketing.


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