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Shed Haulers Bash 2024 a ‘Huge Success’

The 2024 Shed Haulers Bash is a wrap and was a huge success, reports Sam Byler, founder, president, and CEO of the Shed Haulers Brotherhood and organizer of the Bash.

And Salisbury, North Carolina, proved to be a great host for the event March 7-8.

“The haulers came from near and far, and at the end of the day, over 800 people had made their way through,” says Byler. 

“The bigger number was the number of rigs that showed up. With 147 registered rigs and dozens more in the parking lot, it was by far the best showing of rigs yet.”

Semis and pickups were equally well represented even though the rise in semi rigs is steadily growing, he shares. As sheds get bigger and inventory goes further, the industry sees growth in rigs being used. 

“The shed industry is constantly growing,” Byler observes.

He says the competitions were great this year, and the added competitions went well. 

“Everyone enjoyed competing and watching,” he says. “The food, as always, was spectacular. Thanks to all who came and helped. And of course, there had to be a parade. It was great!”

Byler adds that It was also good to see the number of people who showed up just to support the haulers.

“There were as many of those there as were haulers,” he says.

Byler points out that the Bash couldn’t have happened without great sponsors. 

“They stepped up big and not only paid the bills but showed up and showed out,” he says. “Much thanks to all of them. The list was long!

Sponsors helped with all aspects of the Bash, including judging the competitions.

“It was great to see all the camaraderie between everyone,” says Byler. “For two days, everyone laid their differences aside and just hung out, competed, ate food, and had fun together. Imagine if we all did that all the time.

“This is the greatest Industry in the world. Let’s continue to grow it, and nurture it. Competition is great. Collaboration is even better. We can all help each other!”

On an interesting side note, Byler says seems like every time a Bash happens, it gets sandwiched between rainy weather. 

“This year was no different,” he shares. “Wednesday and Saturday were complete washouts. Thursday and Friday were great!”

Plans for now are to have the next Shed Haulers Bash in Texas in October 2025. 

“Everything is bigger in Texas, maybe even the Bash,” Byler says. “Start planning now.”

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