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Shed Haulers Bash a Welcome Gathering

The third Shed Haulers Bash took place March 19-20 in New Holland, Pennsylvania.

Shed haulers from across the nation gathered on the campus of Petra Church in New Holland, Pennsylvania for the third Shed Haulers Bash, March 19-20.

Several hundred haulers and families attended the two-day celebration of all things shed hauling, with many driving their rigs to be part of the attraction.

Temperatures were chilly, but the sky was clear and the sun bright, gleaming off the equipment lined up in the Petra parking lot. 

The faces of folks from the shed industry were bright, too, happy to have the chance to finally gather in person.

The first two Bashes were held in Montana and Tennessee. The Pennsylvania Bash was scheduled for March 2020 but had to be canceled at the last minute due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I always preach that you have to walk across the street and meet your competition—you have to get together,” says Sam Byler, who co-organizes the Shed Haulers Bash with Jason Kauffman, and is executive administrator/CEO of the Shed Haulers Brotherhood business community.

“Who would have thought back in Montana that the Bash would grow like this?”


The first day, Friday, March 19, started early with sponsor table set-ups in the main gathering tent. 

Day One of the Bash ended with a banquet, followed by a truck-rig light show and parade.

At noon, the Bash opened to the public and for haulers to drive their rigs on-site and park. At 4 p.m., the Show & Shine contest took place, with attendees walking among the rows of vehicles and trailers, selecting their favorites in three classes: semi-truck complete rig, pickup truck complete rig, and pilot car. 

Once voting finishing a steak-and-potatoes banquet took place in the main tent, followed by a ventriloquist show, a couple of hauler-related song parodies by Kauffman, and door prizes.

The day ended with a truck light show and parade through the streets of New Holland.


Saturday, March 20, was competition day, featuring speed trials and a national competition.

Competitions, from speed contests to the national simulated shed pick-up and delivery, highlighted Day Two of the Bash.

The timed contests started at 10 a.m. in three categories: pickup truck and trailer, semi-truck and trailer, and mule only. 

Each contest had a contestant picking up a shed and moving it through a series of obstacles before placing it within markers in its final place. The quickest three times won cash prizes. 

The national competition took place in the afternoon with three contestants. Each contestant completed a delivery facing unknown difficulties (such as a group of road cones representing “Grandma’s prize rose bush”) and a “live” customer to interact with. 

A panel of judges judged the competition, grading on a variety of fronts including professionalism, rig appearance, personal appearance, time, courtesy, and so on. Each of the three contestants received a cash prize. 

The day ended with contest winners receiving their prizes and two major giveaways: A Brotherhood Truck, a semi-truck built by Mervin Vargas, and a Mule.

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