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The Back Door: ABC Shed

10 by 12 shed featuring a 7.5-foot interior sidewall

Darin Austin, owner of ABC Shed in Pueblo, Colorado, hopes they see one of his company’s Summit Series sheds, since he considers it the best shed built by them.

The 10 by 12 structure features a 7.5-foot interior sidewall.The roof has a 6/12 pitch, and it has 8 inches of overhang on the eaves and gables. This shed is an alternative for customers who want a taller shed but don’t like a barn style.

  • Builder: Darin Austin, ABC Shed
  • Size: 10×12 Shed with 7’6″ interior sidewall
  • Roof: 6/12 Roof pitch
  • Overhang: 8″ Overhangs
  • Customer Comments: “Looks more like a building than a shed.”

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