Time-Lapse Video: Shed-building in Action

Building shed can take the better part of a day … or more.

That’s why it’s always fun to see a time-lapse video of a shed being built.

Ed’s Sheds, located in Lincoln, Maine, recently posted a video by Joan Lukacik showing shed being built in just over a minute and a half. Take a look.

 Watch video!

Ed’s Sheds says its structures are all built about the same way, whether it’s a small 8 by 10 up to the 14 by 40 sheds. The consistency doesn’t vary even with style of shed, whether gambrel, A-frame, or saltbox.

Skids, floor joists, flooring, wall framing, doors, on up to the roof. Ed’s Sheds says every shed is built with quality in mind.

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