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Weyerhaeuser Completes Oregon Timberland Transactions

(Photo by thiago japyassu from Pexels)

Weyerhaeuser Company, a private timberland owner and manufacturer of wood products, reports it has completed two separate transactions in which it purchased timberlands from and sold timberlands to funds managed by Hancock Natural Resource Group, a Manulife Investment Management company.

The company purchased 85,000 acres of timberlands in mid-coastal Oregon in one transaction and sold 149,000 acres in southern Oregon in a separate transaction for a net cost of approximately $40 million in cash. 

The company expects no tax liability in conjunction with the sale.

“Oregon is an incredibly important operating region for us, and we’re always looking for opportunities to enhance our portfolio,” says Devin W. Stockfish, president and chief executive officer. 

“Through these transactions, we’re gaining highly productive timberland, streamlining operating costs and access to key domestic and export markets, and strengthening our ability to deliver immediate and long-term value for our shareholders.”

The transactions were announced in September 2020.

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