February/March 2021

Of Private Moves and Muddy Mountains

“It’s gonna roll!” Bertha shrieked from behind me as the little cabin teetered at the limits of its gravitational center. Despite my clenched southern regions and my sweaty palms clutching the Mule levers, I managed a swift peek behind me.  Burt and Bertha stood there with eyes that could have[Read More…]

On-Site and Local

Since nothing is precut or laid out, we can always move doors or windows around if the shed’s position in the yard needs to shift to fit the grade or clear trees, etc.

Sam’s Rules for Life

A couple years ago, I was watching myself  and some close friends wander down a road with a hopeless destination. I came up with the following 10 points to set us straight. And keep us there.

Current Issue

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