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A Shed Wife Goes to Montana

This past summer I got the privilege to travel to Montana, with my husband, to visit Bitterroot Shedz

Montana was amazing to visit in the summer months. The highest temperature we experienced there was 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was usually around 45 degrees Fahrenheit when we woke up in the morning.

I did not pack enough warm clothing or layers for those morning hours! 

Kyle and I were able to rent an Airbnb that was a tiny home. This tiny home was created from a shed, which was also built and purchased through Bitterroot Shedz. 

It was perfect and cozy with a combination room of a kitchen and living room, that also had a full-sized table to eat at, a bedroom with a king-sized bed, and a three-piece bathroom! 

The couch folded out to a bed, so the tiny home could sleep four people easily. The owners are slowly creating more tiny homes from sheds and will have plenty to rent out to large families or other groups of people.

We spent a couple of days visiting at Bitterroot Shedz manufacturing office and visited several of their lots, too. I took many photos and videos of all their buildings, the shop, and some of the workers as well so that we can use it for social media marketing through Woo Social. 

With the daylight hours that Montana has in the summer months, it’s easy to work too late, eat too late, and go to bed too late. You don’t have a problem seeing outside until 10 p.m. there!

Kyle and I went for a short walk/hike around 8 p.m. one evening after working because I really wanted to immerse myself into the beauty that Montana has to offer. But I was also a bit worried about coming upon a bear. 

While we were out there, basically alone, we passed by a couple who warned us there was a moose up ahead. I didn’t realize it then but apparently moose can be territorial and aggressive. 

But because of the warning they gave us, I got very nervous and told Kyle, “It’s time to turn back, I’m not dying tonight!” 

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see a moose in the wild of Montana, but I’m also thankful to be living!

Once the weekend came, I was able to persuade my husband to take me to Yellowstone National Park for a day and a half. 

Yellowstone is gorgeous, to say the least! It has flowing rivers, cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes, towering mountains, a bounty of beautiful evergreen trees, wildlife, and plenty of hydrothermal features, including many geysers, throughout. 

A few things we learned were that Yellowstone was the world’s first national park, Yellowstone is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, and one of the world’s largest active volcanos lies beneath it which makes it a super volcano! 

Something else that we didn’t know until we were there is that packs of wolves live in Yellowstone, which to me is very scary. Although we didn’t encounter any wolves, we did see black bears, grizzly bears, bison, elk, and a fox. 

There were so many unique and wonderous phenomena at Yellowstone, I highly enjoyed myself there and would have loved to have another 10-hour day there to explore more. 

If I had to name just one remarkable feature from there that stuck out to me, I would say it might be the Fountain Paint Pot. It looked like a large hole filled with gray paint, and it was continuously boiling. 

Yellowstone had many fascinating features and to all be surrounded by such majestic beauty, it was definitely a trip worth taking! 

If I haven’t talked you into visiting this national park yet, then I don’t know what will.

All in all, this Montana shed trip was a blessing. Glad I got to catch up with Sam Fawcett, his work crew, his wife, and his daughter. 

Hope it isn’t too long before I can see you all again!

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